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Water-shedding is coming…it’s predicted that SA will face serious water shortages by 2020
Posted by on May 19th, 2015

As if we havn’t got enough to worry about with the constant loadshedding mess in South Africa, now comes news that we can add water-shedding to the list as well. It has been predicted SA will face serious water shortages by 2020. And this isn’t just some thumb-sucking guess work…it’s according to the Department of Water and Sanitation. SA is currently using 98% of the current water supply.

And it’s already happening in some areas.

“SA is already using 98% of its available water supply and 40% of our waste-water treatment is in a “critical state”. Moreover, a survey conducted by the department in 2010 indicates that 60% of the country’s water service authorities do not have the right permits for their treatment works. A recent government report suggests the state should spend almost R300bn over the next four years to avoid a full-scale water crisis, which is roughly more than 100 times the budget allocated by the Treasury to water management nationwide.” [BD Live]

Yes..R300 billion needed to avoid a full scale water crisis.

You think that’s gonna happen?

[read more at BD Live]

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