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Barack Obama joined Twitter yesterday and got chirped by Bill Clinton [pic]
Posted by on May 19th, 2015

So Barack Obama joined Twitter yesterday and got his own personal account. He’s only sent out 3 tweets so far one of which is a reply to former president Bill Clinton who didn’t waste any time having a go at the current chief. Rad to see the two world leaders chirp each other on a public forum.

This was Obama’s first tweet.

It was a no brainer that he’d get plenty of nutjob replies from randoms like that comment i included, but he also recieved this from Bill Clinton.

That #askingforafriend dig is obviously a reference to his wife Hillary Clinton who  announced she will be running for president next year.

Obama didn’t leave it there and fired back with his own chirp.

Ha..well played BO.

Now if only our SA presidency could engage on social media like that. They probably too busy though…in the firepool or on the gravy train.

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