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Guy Instagrams himself robbing bank of R1.8 million, gets caught in 20 min [video]
Posted by on May 8th, 2015

And just like that we have a new leader in the race for dumbass of the year. Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca clearly missed the class where they explained the first rule of robbing a bank…don’t film yourself during the robbery and then put the video on Instagram. Yep that’s exactly what our boy did after stealing $150 000 from a bank in Virginia. It took police less than 20 min to catch him. Doesn’t end there though because Dominyk says he doesn’t think he did anything wrong because he asked for the money ‘nicely’. Oh and the reason he posted it on Instagram…for exposure to help his career.

Bravo Dom, bravo.

Have a listen to Dom try explain that it wasn’t actually stealing.

Slow claps.

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