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Anger at raw marinated chicken on the floor of a Checkers in Cape Town [pic]
Posted by on Apr 30th, 2015

A Checkers branch in Cape Town has taken the 5 second rule to the next level after a customer snapped a pic of several raw marinated chickens on the floor of the deli in the store. The anonymous customer told Health 24 that he was waiting in the queue when he noticed the chicken on the floor and a staff member packing them into a white container.

Obviously there’s a bunch of people concerned about food hygiene and health and safety stuff.

Clearly not the people who have dropped a chop on the floor and then quickly put it back on the braai. Yes i’m looking at you. And doesn’t uncooked chicken have way more bad sh*t in it than the floor?

Anyways..i digress. This is what Checkers had to say.

“According to findings in our preliminary investigation the chicken that the customer saw on the floor had fallen out of the griller due to it being overloaded and improperly stacked. It was placed in the white container to be removed and wasted as per procedure.” [Health 24]

Fair enough. Pity they didn’t say that according to international rules and regulations the chicken was on the floor longer than 5 seconds and therefore unsafe for consumption.

It’s at this point that you insert your own ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ joke.

[via Health 24]

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