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Ras Dumisani butchered the SA national anthem…again
Posted by on Apr 17th, 2015

Remember Ras Dumisani? That guy who totally effed up the South African national anthem when the Springboks played France in 2009. Well back then he said he had “sung beautifully” and that “everyone at the stadium told me I sang well, even after the match”. Then he said that officials made him sing with a broken microphone and he proceeded to accuse them of “wanting to sabotage” his performance. It’s been years since that day and if you’ve ever wondered what happened to Dumisani then have a listen to his interview on Radio 702 yesterday. And of course they asked him to sing the anthem again and has our boy improved?

Nope…nope he hasn’t.

Skip to the 4.10 mark to hear Ras butcher the national anthem for the second time. The part where he sings Die Stem is just sensational.


And if you never saw Dumisani’s first attempt live in France then here you go.

Slow claps all round.

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