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Boko Haram gives South Africa 24hrs to stop xenophobic attacks [rumour]
Posted by on Apr 16th, 2015

Ya hey…the rumour mill has farted out a fast spreading story that terrorist movement Boko Haram has given South Africa 24 hours to stop xenophobic attacks or they will execute all South Africans living in Nigeria, Chad, Niger and other surrounding countries. Apparently they have released a tape with the ultimatum. I have no idea whether it’s a video or audio tape and the post spreading on social media links to two websites in Malawi and Zimbabwe, both of which don’t show any tape. So basically it’s just spice right now until someone can find an actually tape.

Anways here’s the post doing the rounds on Facebook.

Clearly it’s being rapidly shared. I checked the Malawi News website and ya well it didn’t load at first and then when it did let’s just say it’s like the Daily Voice, but less legit looking. If that’s even possible.

So until someone can confirm this story let’s just roll our eyes and carry on hey.

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