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Forget load shedding, they are now bringing in ‘load limiting’
Posted by on Apr 15th, 2015

Yes we all familiar with load shedding due to Eskom’s power problems, but have you heard of ‘load limiting’? Well best you get familiar with the term because you may be experiencing it soon. Load limiting is basically the city installing a meter in your home that remotely monitors your energy usage and they will send you an SMS when load shedding is about to happen. If you then minimise the amout of power you use the city won’t cut off your power. If you don’t reduce your power consumption you will be affected by load shedding.

There are already 65 000 meters installed in Joburg with plans to increase that to 150 000 homes by October.

It’s only up in Johannesburg for the moment and I have no idea if/when it’s gonna happen in the rest of SA.

“Users who comply with the system won’t be affected by power cuts during load limiting, an official explained to Fin24.”You won’t be load shed (if you reduce power usage) then because the amount of electricity that you’ll be using would be within the required standards,”  [FIN24]

Now you know.

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