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Russell Peters calls Trevor Noah a joke thief during interview [video]
Posted by on Apr 9th, 2015

Ya hey, our boy Trevor Noah already has folks in the US digging up old tweets and calling him a racist and anti-semetic and it didn’t take very long  before fellow stand up comedians had a go at him after he was named as Jon Stewart’s replacement on The Daily Show. Russell Peters was recently interviewed by an Asian talk show and flat out called Noah a joke thief. Peters accused Noah of stealing material from himself as well as from SA comedian David Kau.

Peters has since said the accusations were just a prank. Whatever bru.

Here’s the interview.

After getting slammed on social media, Peters later tweeted “OMG I can’t believe how gullible the media are! Next time I’ll choose a less awkward time to prank U”.

Nice try pal.

Leighton says:
April 04, 2015 at 7:11 am

May be sour grapes, but it is 100% true though…The reason I dont enjoy Travor Noah as a comedian: same old jokes, as previously used by other people (and then done over, and over, and over by bra Trev).

Still awesome what he has achieved though, so big ups to that

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