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Fat-shamed Dancing Man goes viral as 1700 women organise him a party and stars rally behind him
Posted by on Mar 9th, 2015

If you remember last week i Tweeted (follow me @lifeissavage if you don’t already) the sad story of guy who was shamed on the internet by a bunch of kids who took a picture of him dancing. When he realised they were laughing at him he stopped dancing and the image was posted on a popular forum. It spread quickly with people trying to find him and by the weekend a Los Angeles activist,@CassandraRules, had launched a social media search to find the dancing man and it gained such momentum that funds were raised to throw him a party which has already attracted over 1700 women willing to attend. Even star DJ Moby has offered to play for free while celebrities like Pharrell Williams, Susan Sarandon, Dita Von Teese and Ellie Golding have offered support and said they would attend.

Here was the original image.

That gave me the sads when i first saw it.

Then this happened.

Then this.

He is only known as Sean and is away on business. He will return to the US in a few weeks.

The LA Memorial Coliseum has even offered to host the party.


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