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US student goes running with the bulls in Spain, doesn’t end well for him…or his sphincter [pics]
Posted by on Feb 16th, 2015

It’s no secret that i’m very much against the archaic Spanish tradition of killing bulls for ‘sport’ so whenever there is a story where the bulls get their own back i shall post it because humans are dicks and it needs to be highlighted. The running of the bulls is not as bad, but still part of the same tradition so when a spectator taunting the bulls gets on the wrong side of an angry bull we shall post pics and point fingers and say it’s their own fault. A 20 year old US student is our case in point for today and karma dealt him a particularly harsh blow when a bull gored his ass…literally.

He recieved serious injuries to his sphincter.

It’s all fun and games till a bull sticks his horn up your bunghole.

“Benjamin Miller, a 20-year-old Georgia resident, was celebrating at the Carnaval del Toro in Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain when he reportedly set out running alongside what turned out to be quite the aggressive bull. A photographer on scene documented the goring, which left Miller with serious injuries to his thighs, sphincter and back muscles.” [more pics at Gawker]

That will learn him.

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