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Cricket World Cup spectator makes sensational one-handed diving catch…holds onto his beer [video]
Posted by on Feb 16th, 2015

The cricket World Cup is currently on the go and South Africa played their first match over the weekend against Zimbabwe where the Proteas scored a record breaking 5th wicket partnership that included a massive 112 runs in the last 6 overs. David Miller smashed a record 9 sixes in his innings giving fans plenty of opportunity to possibly win a $1 million in the TUI catch a million competition if they took a one handed catch. And one fan did just that…not only did he take a one handed catch, but his effort was spectacular. He managed to catch the ball one handed while diving behind another specatator as well as holding onto his beer in his other hand. Some spillage, but glorious none-the-less.


If more than one spectator makes a one handed catch then they will split the prize that goes up by $250 000 everytime New Zealand make the next round. If they win the 2015 Cricket World Cup then $1 million will be the prize money.

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