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Tandem skydivers nearly killed by plane they jumped out of [video]
Posted by on Feb 10th, 2015

Been a quiet week on Lifeissavage with fewer posts than usual, but been a tad busy and things are slowly returning to normal. And by normal i mean random useless stories that won’t improve your life in any way other than being the first to know said random useless story. Like this one where you can walk into your office this morning and when someone says ‘what’s been happening?’ you can reply ‘did you see those tandem skydivers who nearly got chopped to pieces by the propeller of the plane they jumped out of ? And when they reply ‘no’ you can look all smug and sh*t and tell them to go watch the video on

Anyways here’s the two luckiest skydivers of the year who narrowly escaped being sliced and diced.

Ball hairs.

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