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Incredible images of a Taiwanese passenger plane hitting a taxi on a bridge [pics + video]
Posted by on Feb 4th, 2015

This a breaking news story so not much info on what actually happened, but a TransAsia commercial plane has crashed into the Keelung River in Taipai. There were 50 passengers on board and Taiwanese media have released incredible images of the plane flying low and hitting a bridge. Dashcam footage shows the wing hitting a taxi before the plane made contact with the bridge and crashed intot the river.

Here’s a pic of the taxi from Twitter.

Not sure what happened to the taxi occupants. The latest news on the plane is a rescue effort has saved 12 people while at least 10 are still trapped inside.

Here’s dashcam footage of the crash from a car much further back.

You can just about make out the plane coming in low over the road at the 6 second mark in the distance.

[pics of  crash via @Missxoxo168 and taxi via @W7VOA]

UPDATE: 8 people have died in the crash.

“Eight people are confirmed dead and rescuers were working Wednesday to pull survivors from the submerged wreck of a TransAsia flight in Taiwan.The flight, which was carrying 53 passengers and five crew, crashed shortly after takeoff from Taipei Songshan Airport, en route to the island of Kinmen.” [CNN]


Here’s dashcam footage of the crash from the car closest to the taxi.

[thanks Anke]

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