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WhatsApp is now available on your computer…here’s how to set it up
Posted by on Jan 22nd, 2015

If you’re someone who uses a laptop or desktop computer for most of the day you will be familiar with the sound or flashing of your mobile phone alerting you that you have WhatsApp messages. So you pick up your phone and check your messages and reply if necessary. Well there’s no more need for doing that because the folks at WhatsApp have finally released a desktop version so now you never have to check your phone while at your computer. There’s a few catches though…iPhone people won’t be able to use it coz Apple are dicks and says there are iOS platform limitations. Also the desktop version only works with the Chrome browser for now.

From the screenshot there you will notice a giant QR code hich you will need to login. You see the desktop version isn’t exactly a standalone, but more of a mirror of your smartphone, so if you phone battery dies you can’t use the desktop version. You will also need to have a data connection on your phone.

Which phones will work: Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia S60

Which browser will you need:  Chrome

What do you need to do to get it working: download or update Whatsapp on your mobile device to the latest version. Then head on over to the WhatsApp Web on your computer HERE. If you don’t have Chrome then it will prompt you to download it. Once that’s done you will recieve a QR code to scan with your mobile device which will log you in.

Now you know.

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