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SAPS fail of the day – cops were warned robbers were gonna hit Tokai jewellery store, but they never arrived
Posted by on Jan 15th, 2015

Ya hey…i know that our police force do plenty of good and they don’t get praised enough for it, but unfortunately it doesn’t make the news. What does make the news is when our cops are bust for corruption or brutality or plain old kak policing like not showing up to catch bad guys when they were told in advance where and when the bad guys were gonna commit a crime. Case in point…the Tokai mall jewellery store robbery that took place over the weekend. The owner thought that his store was being watched the week prior and his security guys identified them as guys who were connected to another mall robbery. He then called the police and said he expected the robbers to hit his shop on Sunday between 9am and 11am since that was how they operated. The cops never arrived, but as predicted nine guys stormed the store with sledgehammers and made off with jewellery and caused R500 000 in damages to the store.

Well done SAPS. Stellar police work there…you were given exact time and place and didn’t pitch.

Perfect opportunity to catch 9 criminals, but the cops failed miserably.

“My security recognised some of them from pictures shared on Facebook.” The pictures were those of people identified in connection with another mall robbery he said, “and we advised the police”.

“We expected (them) to hit us between 9am and 11am on Sunday,” he told the Cape Argus. “That’s their modus operandi. So we called in the cops to wait for them.”

But the police never arrived.” [iol]

Here’s CCTV footage of the robbery.

Ok so here’s a question. If someone had been killed in that incident, could legal action be taken against the police given that they were informed prior to the event?

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