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Another huge SA petrol price drop expected in February…as much as R1 per litre
Posted by on Jan 15th, 2015

When the South African petrol price dropped by R1.27 at the beginning of January i thought that was just a once off, but another huge drop is expected next month. Petrol may drop a further R1 a litre in February due to continuing decrease in the global oil price.

Round of applause is in order.

Throw in a slow clap as well because that’s some fantastic news.

“The latest update from the Central Energy Fund (13 January 2015), shows that there is a current over-recovery of 112 cents per litre on 93 octane petrol and 110 cents for 95 octane.

Diesel shows an over-recovery of 109 cents.

These figures point to an easy R1.00 drop in the petrol price next month, provided the rand and oil prices remain at current levels.” [Business Tech]

Good times.

Now if Eskom can just sort their sh*t out.

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