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Picking Up Stompies: Weekend Edition 12/01/2015
Posted by on Jan 12th, 2015

2,000 feared dead in Nigeria after Boko Haram’s ‘deadliest massacre’. Amnesty International calls the killings ‘a disturbing and bloody escalation’ and a local defence group says its fighters have given up trying to count the bodies [The Guardian]

#JeSuiCharlie – 1.6 million people march for unity in Paris after 17 people died during three days of deadly attacks in France [BBC]

Eskom is 21 days from going broke. “Eskom will run out of money by the end of January,” Minister Lynne Brown said this week. Brown confirmed the “pressure on the company’s liquidity position”, but would not say how it would be resolved. [Mail & Guardian]

Billions of rands leave SA under the radar. Wealthy individuals and criminal syndicates slipped nearly R1-trillion out of the country. [TimesLIVE]

Saudi Arabian blogger recieves 1000 lashes and gets publicly flogged after being convicted of cybercrime and insulting Islam. He was sentenced to 1000 public lashes and will revieve 50 every week [BBC]

Flight data recorder recovered in search for AirAsia Flight QZ8501 [CNN]

All the 2015 Golden Globe winners [Channel 24]

Helen Zille blasts ‘shameless’ ANC [iol]

Video from one of the gunmen in the Paris attacks show him linking the attaks to ISIS and al Qaeda confirming that they were co-ordinated [Daily Beast]

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