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SA police officer filmed asking motorist for a R200 bribe [video]
Posted by on Jan 6th, 2015

Into our first week of 2015 and clearly the South African police force did not put ‘be less corrupt’ on their new years resolution lists. Here’s one SAPS officer being filmed asking for R200 to make the problem go away. Our corrupt lawman didn’t even seem to be phased that he was being bust on camera telling the driver that either he can be taken to jail for suspected drunk driving or give a R200 bribe and he’ll let them go.

There’s no visuals, only audio, for the first min or so then it’s gets rather awkward when the driver tells him he is being filmed.

The driver was reportedly taken to Honeydew police station, had a blood sample taken and charged with drunk driving even after admitting he only had 2 beers in 6 hours. He was given R1500 bail and the station captain said that no crime was committed by his officer since no money changed hands. O_o

Ahhhhh corruption backed up by stupidity…the best kind.

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