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Best FAILS of 2014 compilation [video]
Posted by on Dec 19th, 2014

A couple of days ago i posted the official People are Awesome 2014 compilation, the ultimate girl fails of 2014 and the Best of the Web 7 videos so it was just a matter of time that the Best Fails of 2014 compilations would start surfacing and here are two of them. Both are over 15 min long so perfect if you’re one of the unlucky people still at work with nothing to do then here’s half an hour of laughs to kill some time.

First one from the folks at Twisternederland who have been a Life is Savage favourite this year.

And here’s one from Win Fail Fun.

If those compilations are anything to go by then its blatantly obvious that riding a a bicycle or trying to do parkour is pretty much a guaranteed fail.

Slow clap for everyone who made it into the fail compilations for 2014.

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