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Jean Pant Criminal spotted training at CT gym in denim hot pants and work boots [pic]
Posted by on Dec 11th, 2014

What would summer in Cape Town be without the annual arrival of the Joburg brigade hey. It’s about the time they start arriving and it’s no coincidence that there has been an increase in jean pant criminal activity at gyms across the city. We havn’t had any for ages and then boom i get sent a whole bunch of pics of guys training at gym in jeans.

And not even your regular jean pant criminals…as always this time of the year brings out the special ones. A reader spotted one at a gym along the Atlantic Seaboard and the guy might well walk away with the Jean Pant Criminal of the Year award.

Tank top. Denim hotpants. Work boots.

jean pant criminal

The raised heel pose gets double points. You will never be that elegant.

I know the whole point of this category was to condemn and eradicate the wearing of jeans while working out at gym, but i so badly want to slowclap. Dude is just owning it. Not a f**k given.

Still doesn’t come close to this guy in denim hotpants who is the king of the jean pant criminals HERE.

If you spot any then take a pic and send it hey.

[thanks Barry]


Anonymous says:
December 12, 2014 at 9:59 am

You won’t believe it savage, but this guy comes to gym EVERY DAY wearing the exact same clothes EVERY DAY! Now thats commitment haha

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