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Here’s a dude climbing a 280 meter chimney without safety equipment [video]
Posted by on Nov 26th, 2014

Ball tingling alert. It’s bro day on Life is Savage so it’s only fitting that you start the day off with some tingling balls hey. If you’re afraid of heights then best you don’t watch the video since it involves some stupid Romanian dude climbing a 280 meter chimney without any safety equipment while filming it from his perspective with a GoPro. Not only does he have to deal with a dodgy ladder, but once he reaches the top he takes a walk around the loose bricks and decides to cross the middle on a narrow metal beam…in high wind.


Flaviu Cernescu scaled the abandoned structure in Pitesti, Romania, using a disconnected electrical cable to hoist himself for the first 20 metres. The 32-year-old then walked across a rusted railing which runs across the summit of the hollow 280-metre structure.

That part where he looks down before having to grab the ladder on the way down made my balls shrivel up and cry.

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