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Petrol price in SA to go down by up to 72c/litre beginning of December
Posted by on Nov 20th, 2014

Some early Christmas cheer for you this morning…the price of petrol in SA is likely to go down between 69 and 72 cents per litre at the beginning of December. Due to a decline in the international oil price, the department of energy has predicted that the SA petrol price might *cough*  fall by 72c/l on the first Wednesday of December which would be the 3rd.

For those of you with diesel cars you can expect a drop of 50 cents per litre of diesel.

Slow clap.

“Over the past 15 days the international oil price has dropped by 10%. On the other hand, the rand has only weakened slightly during the same time,” Luyt added.

As a result, the AA was expecting the price of petrol to drop by between 69 and 72 cents per litre on the first Wednesday of December, he said.” [iol]

Good times.

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