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WhatsApp will now tell you when your message has been read with two blue ticks [pic]
Posted by on Nov 6th, 2014

Ah yes, we’ve been through this before HERE when i told you way back that two ticks next to your WhatsApp message does NOT mean the person read your message…it simply means that your message was delivered. One tick means your message was sent and two ticks indicates it was delivered. A new WhatsApp update though will finally let you see when your message has been read and will be indicated by two blue ticks.

Like so.

blue ticks

A just like that WhatsApp will now be responsible for ending relationships and enabling insecure people. Brace yourself for the inevitable ‘but i can see you read my message why didn’t you reply’.

And you don’t need to update your WhatsApp to recieve the new ‘message read’ function. It’s being done on their side, but not everyone all the same time i’m guessing. I tried this morning and no blue ticks yet so i’m assuming they are staggering the update.

Anyways here’s an official explanation from their website.

Now you know.

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