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Have you seen the all-new Mazda 3 that launched in SA
Posted by on Nov 6th, 2014

I’ve never owned a Mazda even though many of my mates at university owned one, but i recently got the chance to go for a drive in the newly launched Mazda 3 and let me tell you…i would seriously consider getting one given the slick redesign. Mazda has made a strategic move by moving away from Ford in South Africa and to mark the occasion they relaunched the Mazda 3. Check it.

See i told you it was slick. Has a bolder, more aggressive look with that wide grill and edgy mags. Given the other popular hatchbacks on the market right now the Mazda 3 is definitely a contender so don’t be surpised if you start seeing more and more of those on the road.

Coupled with the relaunch, Mazda have released a new locally made ad that takes fans for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Good times. Amazing how designs have changed over the years hey.

But don’t take my word for it. Go give that bad boy a drive and judge for yourself. Go check the website HERE if you want to organise a test drive.

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