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Four hours of walking in Cape Town as a homeless man [video]
Posted by on Nov 6th, 2014

Last week a video went viral of a woman walking around New York for 10 hours and being harassed by various men and it spawned several parody videos that took away from the message of the original video. Then this morning i got sent a link saying they made one in Cape Town and my initial reaction was that it was just gonna be another parody, but turns out the message is just as powerful and moving given that it’s so close to home.

Using the same technique as the harrassed woman in NY video, they followed around a homeless guy in Cape Town for 4 hours to show just how invisible homeless people are to the rest of us.


The video was made by MC Saatchi Abel on behalf of The Haven Nightshelter and to help/donate, please visit HERE.

[thanks Andrew]

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