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New 2.3km zipline opens in Cape Town…looks awesome [video]
Posted by on Nov 4th, 2014

Ok that headline is spiced up a little because it’s not actually a single 2.3km zipline as what i initially thought, but rather a few ziplines that total 2.3km in length…the longest and highest one being 500 meters long and 155 meters above the ground. Either way that’s pretty rad and it just opened at Silvermist Estate between Hout Bay and Constantia in Cape Town.

Ball tingling.

Here’s some footage.

That one oke coulda been a tad more excited on the long ride though hey. Dude was as excited as a blank piece of paper.

“Arriving at the Silvermist estate, a guide will take zipliners in a Land Rover up into the mountains, where the roads are so rough that normal vehicles can’t gain access.

“We’ve got 10 local guides that we’ve put through first aid and training.

“They live in the greater Hout Bay area, and they’ve never had jobs before.”

You start off on the shortest zipline first – a pulse-raising 270m flight at a height of 52m above the ground.

But that’s baby steps compared with the longest slide, which is 500m long and takes you zooming above a gaping gulley.” [iol]

Now you know.

For more info check the website HERE.

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