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This 19yr old girl is offering herself to any man in the cities she visits if they pay for her travel expenses [pic]
Posted by on Oct 28th, 2014

Dunno if you can call this crowd funded travelling, hitchhiking with benefits or cleverly disguised prostitution, but either way this 19 year old girl is seeing the world by offering herself to men in every new city she visits as long as they pay for her travel expenses.  Before you judge her though, let’s have a quick look at our enterprising little traveller who goes by the name Ju Peng.

Wonder if she’s seen Table Mountain.

Don’t get your hopes up just yet though because she’s not your average gold digger type. She actually has some criteria in case you’re a creepy 85 year old with a biltong wanger.

Ju Peng has stipulated that to qualify you must be

“good looking, under 30, taller than 1.75 metres and, of course, rich. In return, they get a whole night with me, my undivided attention, and a chance to show themselves off in the company of a truly beautiful girl.”

She’s placed the ad on Weibo which is like the Twitter/Facebook of China and while it’s getting lots of attention, some women are saying it should be removed because she’s hotter than they are and it’s not fair it’s basically prostitution.

[via International Business Times]

October 10, 2014 at 9:09 am

Sounds fabulous. Everyone make sure to wear a condom, er, I mean, have fun :)

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