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Daddy Digs It: The Suitsy… a onesie disguised as a full-on business suit [pic]
Posted by on Oct 28th, 2014

We all know about the comforts of a onesie hey…the one piece jumpsuit you can slip into at home and look silly, but stay warm and comfortable. You’d never wear one out in public (unless you’re a hipster at a music festival) and most certainly not to work, but what if you could…

Behold The Suitsy – a onesie disguised as a business suit. Hard to believe this is a one piece suit made from soft sweatpants fabric with a single zip going down the middle.

Daddy wants.

And here’s creator Jesse Herzog explaining The Suitsy.

And you just drop the whole thing in the washing machine.

Slowclaps all round.

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