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Investment strategist questions whether Tim Noakes is running a Ponzi scheme
Posted by on Oct 23rd, 2014

Tim Noakes banting followers are likely to lose there sh*t when they read that an investment analyst wrote an article on Moneyweb about banting’s big fat lie, titled ‘Is Tim Noakes running a Ponzi scheme?

I’ve said before that i follow the Noakes low carb approach and i reckon it’s had a significant impact. It’s no secret though that Tim Noakes has his fair share of detractors in the health and nutrition industry, but this is the first time i’ve seen someone come straight out and compare his banting diet to a pyramid scheme.

Bold move from Magnus Heystek hey. Dude clearly has never seen a no-carb, sugar deprived banting dieter get angry. They will go full white bread on your ass.

“Collective delusions are typified as the spontaneous, rapid spread of false or exaggerated beliefs within a population at large, temporarily affecting a particular region, culture or country.

With money people want to become rich overnight, with religion people want a guarantee of heaven and with diets people want to lose weight effortlessly and without sacrificing too much.

The world is full of examples of Ponzi schemes, religious fanaticism as well as [sic]

We are now, once again, witness to another example of collective delusion: the Banting diet popularised, once again, by Dr Tim Noakes and his fellow LCHF-priests.” [Moneyweb]

I’ll be grabbing some popcorn (sorry Tim), pulling up a chair and watching the comment section of that article…it’s bound to get entertaining.

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