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Well known Cape cyclist arrested for allegedly assaulting domestic worker in broad daylight, says he thought she was a prostitute
Posted by on Oct 20th, 2014

Tim Osrin, a well known cyclist and owner of a Kenilworth swimming school was arrested and appeared in court last week because he allegedly assaulted domestic worker Cynthia Joni in broad daylight. Osrin later claimed he repeatedly slapped and threw her to the ground because he thought she was a prostitute.

cynthia joni

Photo: Jason Boud via Weekend Argus

Osrin drove away after the alleged assault, but someone managed to take down his number plate and he was later tracked down.

“A shocked and traumatised Cynthia Joni, 44, of Khayelitsha, said she was on her way to work in Kenilworth on October 2 when an unknown man leapt from his car and slapped her repeatedly, then threw her to the ground, without any explanation.

He was traced after people in the neighbourhood responded to her screams, and took down his registration number.”

“Later, Osrin, 41, who is a committed member of the neighbourhood’s “security committee” and lives close to where the incident took place in upper Kenilworth, claimed he had assaulted Joni because he had mistaken her for a prostitute. ” [iol]

I wasn’t gonna post this story, but then i read further and noticed that Osrin told the Weekend Argus he feels he is being victimized and that “I hate people thinking that I am a monster because of this”.

Uhhhhhh?! Did he miss the part that he hit a woman for no reason and then said it was a mistake coz he thought she was a prostitute?

And it doesn’t end there. Our chap goes on to say that Joni is exaggerating her injuries and  looking for a payment or as he so eloquently explained…

“She’s probably thinking, ‘this white guy slapped me, great … here comes my Christmas box’. People do these things, you know.”

And he wonders why he’s being victimized.

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