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Tim Noakes has changed his mind again…2 items removed from all-you-can-eat-list
Posted by on Oct 20th, 2014

Tim Noakes is back in the media spotlight after it emerged that 2 items from his Real Meal Revolution have been removed from the ‘all-you-can-eat’ green list and placed instead on the ‘eat with caution list’. After some banting dieters (bantsters or banterers?) complained they weren’t losing weight quickly enough it was decided that cream and yogurt was no longer all-you-can-eat and instead had to be consumed with caution.

The cream and yogurt were removed then re-added a week later.

I’m confused, but let’s move along shall we.

“Controversial diet guru Tim Noakes has admitted that mainstays like cream and yoghurt were quietly removed from his programme’s all-you-can-eat “green” list after complaints that dieters weren’t losing weight fast enough.”

“But only a week later, they were back in favour.”

“He said that after the complaints about slow weight loss, Creed “suggested that they might be consuming too many dairy products”.

The decision was taken by the team to adapt the lists even though many of the recipes in Noakes’s bestselling book contain cream and cheese

Noakes’s team are now scrambling to clarify the confusion by compiling a blog post on the dairy change and posting a statement on social media sites.” [TimesLIVE]

I’m still confused. Why did i even write this post.

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