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The reality of Ebola in Liberia – the NY Times follows an ambulance driver around for a week [video]
Posted by on Oct 17th, 2014

Up until watching this video, the reality of Ebola for most people has been how the West (mainly the US) is freaking out and the majority of coverage i’ve seen in the media has been the measures first world countries are taking to prevent it from spreading. This past week i’ve mostly seen news on the nurse in Texas who was diagnosed with Ebola, then i watched this video from the NY Times and the reality of the situation in Liberia was eye-opening to say the least. They followed around an ambulance driver in Monrovia for a week and to put things into perspective…on average he picks up between 15 and 30 Ebola patients a day.

Gordon Kamara, the ambulance driver, is a true hero.

Here’s the NY Times short documentary.

Possibly the bravest person you will see in a while.

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