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SA model Megan Galt makes top 12 in Model Turned Superstar reality show with $1 million first prize
Posted by on Oct 13th, 2014

The Model Turned Superstar reality show has a $1 million prize for the winner and a South African model has made the top 12. My homegirl Megan Galt is leading the charge to walk away as the winner so let’s help her out with some votes hey. Megan is from Durban, but is based in UK now and entered the web-based Model Turned Superstar 2014 show after being pursuaded by a friend. Besides the $1 million prize money the winner also gets the opportunity to star in a Hollywood movie.

Let’s make it happen hey.

She’s a rad girl so let’s show her some love hey.

Just click on the link HERE and just above the top left corner of her pic is a vote button. Click that puppy.

She was in the Weekend Argus on Sunday.

Nicely done Megan.

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