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Brutal rugby knockout in Super League Grand Final sees first player ever sent off in a final [video]
Posted by on Oct 13th, 2014

Rugby league in the UK is no joke and as much as we down here in the Southern Hemisphere think our rugby is hardcore you just need to take a look at this footage from the Super League Grand Final over the weekend. Ben Flowers become the first player ever to be sent off in a final for his brutal knockout of Lance Hohaia. It’s not so much the first retaliatory punch that knocked Hohaia out, but the second one that got Flowers sent off in the 3rd minute. Hohaia was already man down when Flowers kneeled over him and punched him again.

Warning: if violence makes you cringe then best you don’t press play because the slow motion replay is not for sensitive viewers.

Replay happens at the 1 min mark.

Ya..that second punch was uncalled for. Deserved to be sent off and his team lost the final as well.

[thanks Plank]

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