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Durban group offers to pay back Nkandla money on behalf of Zuma
Posted by on Oct 10th, 2014

A Durban business group *cough Guptas* has offered to repay the money for the Nkandla upgrades if President Zuma is found liable for it. The group called the Public Members Unit Team (comprised of 10 board members and are all business people) have submitted a letter to parliament stating that “this issue has humiliated the President of the Republic of South Africa… we will pay back the money of behalf of President Jacob Zuma.”

The President hasn’t responded officially yet, but i’m guessing this pretty much sums up his reaction.

Seriously…what a load of crap. How in the f**k has the issue ‘humiliated’ the President? You misuse tax payers money to the tune of hundreds of millions and then when you get called on it you say that it’s humiliating? Oh please.

“A group calling itself the Public Members’ Unit Team on Thursday offered to pay back money on behalf of President Jacob Zuma for upgrades to his Nkandla homestead.

This is if it is found the president owes money for upgrades to his private KwaZulu-Natal homestead.

The group made the offer in a letter that has come before Parliament’s ad-hoc committee on Nkandla.” [EWN]


UPDATE: turns out the group who offered to repay Zuma’s Nkandla bill is not actually a group, but one dude that has no stable job and the office address he gave for his Public Members Unit Team (PMUT) does not exist.

“The man who has offered to pay back what President Jacob Zuma owes to the public for his role in the Nkandla debacle is a struggling wannabe filmmaker who lives with his parents” [TimesLIVE]



mick says:
October 10, 2014 at 7:28 am

Well at least the repaid (& prolly previously stolen anyway) money goes back to the government.
Let’s hope it is properly spent this time.

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