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Eskom granted a 12.69% rise in the electricity price for next year
Posted by on Oct 6th, 2014

Ya…just when you thought you’ve been screwed enough with the increased price of electricity in SA comes the news that Eskom has been granted permission to raise the price again by 12.69% next year. That’s double the inflation rate. A few months ago i wrote a post on why your electricity bill has doubled or tripled over the past month in Cape Town, and i said that Eskom will raise the price by 8% every year till 2018, but now the The National Energy Regulator has allowed them to increase that 12.69% in April next year in order to recover the billions in debt.

Soon your electricity bill might look like so.

Ya…expect plenty of complaints.

“Nersa said it would allow Eskom to raise electricity prices 12.69% in April, to help it recover R7.8bn in unbudgeted costs. The increase is 4.7 percentage points above the 8% tariff increase originally agreed to for the year to March 2016.

Last year Nersa only allowed Eskom to raise tariffs 8% a year for the five years to 2018, rather than the 16% it requested.

But in July it found that Eskom’s costs exceeded projections for the three years to 2013, paving the way for higher tariffs.” [BD Live]


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