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Hey future advertising and marketing’s a learnership opportunity or you
Posted by on Sep 25th, 2014

A friend of mine sent me this a few days ago and asked if i knew anyone interested in advertising or marketing and i said that i’m sure many of you fine creative readers are looking at a career in the those industries. So for those of you looking for a foot in the door, keep reading because this learnship may just be the starting point of your illustrious career.

Red & Yellow has introduced the Red & Yellow Springboard Marketing Institute (RYSMI) to support transformation in the marketing and advertising industry, grow the industry’s skills base, and give young South Africans an opportunity to develop the skills they need to participate in the sector. The 12 month SETA accredited learnership comes with a R1500 stipend ie. you will be paid to for the duration of the learnership.

Heads-up though…the interviews to be accepted take place tomorrow Friday 26th September 2014.

If you get accepted the learnership starts on the 1st of October and the formal training runs through to the 20th of March 2015. The internship starts on the 1st of April and runs through to 30th September 2015.  For the duration of the learnership a stipend of R1500.00 will be paid.

The interview will be conducted by a panel of industry experts and here’s what you need to know.

The details of the interview are as follows:

Date: Friday 26th September 2014
Time: 10 – 1 pm 
Location: The Red & Yellow Springboard Marketing Institute
95-97 Durham Avenue

Quirk Offices – 3rd Floor

Salt River



Interviewee Documents needed:   (please bring along)

         ·            Certified documents of I.D

         ·            Matric Certificate

         ·            Police Clearance Certificate

         ·            CV

So if you’re interested in a career in advertising or marketing then get involved.

And one day when you accept a Cannes Lion grand prix award be sure to mention me in your speech hey.

Amanda says:
September 09, 2014 at 12:17 pm

Hi will this only take place in Cape Town?

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