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Hey iPhone people…here’s how you download iOS 8 without deleting ANY of your data
Posted by on Sep 18th, 2014

Ya hey..i’m not even an iPhone person, but i’m still gonna do you lot a favour and school you quick as to how you can download the newly released iOS 8 without deleting your data. I saw widespread moaning call the wambulance complaints yesterday when Apple released iOS 8 and the majority being that it requires a massive 5.7 GB of free storage to finish…which of course meant that people were deleting apps, pictures, videos and blah blah blah to make space.

Well stress no more my little Apple pie..there’s a way to download iOS 8 without deleting any of your data.

Here’s what you do:

  • don’t download it from your device ie. over the air
  • just sync your iPhone to your computer and download iOS 8 directly
  • transfer the new software to your device

This won’t use any space on your device. You’re welcome.

Now you know.

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