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Academic to launch Open Mosque in CT allowing women to lead prayer, gay and non-Muslims to attend
Posted by on Sep 16th, 2014

Don’t often feature religious topics on Life is Savage, but saw this a few days ago and thought it was interesting. A Cape Town academic is planning to open the first Open Mosque in South Africa that is gender-equal, non-sectarian and interracial. Dr Taj Hargey plans to open the mosque in Wynberg this Friday and intends to allow women to lead prayers and allow gay people and non-Muslims into the place of worship. Hargey says it’s time for a “religious revolution”, but it’s not going down so well with the local community.

The planned mosque is already facing heavy critisism.

“News of his plan has unleashed a storm on WhatsApp and other social media, with some messages calling the mosque a “gay temple” and others decrying its founder as a “heretic” and a “non-believer”.

 Hargey, a professor of Islamic Studies and African history at Oxford University, has threatened to take legal action against anyone calling him a “heretic” and a “homosexual”.

“It is all lies. It is libel and I will take legal action against those spreading these lies.”

In 2009 he won a case in a UK court against a Muslim newspaper for calling him a heretic, Hargey said.

The mosque would follow the Qur’an and promote gender equality – this meant women would enter and take part in prayers and in the running of the mosque.” [iol]

Interested to see what happens when it opens. You reckon it’s gonna work?

Tracy says:
September 09, 2014 at 11:23 am

I really hope it does work! We need more open mindedness this in this world, more love and more peace! People need to wake up and see that its the only way for us to survive, no more power hungry politicians causing wars!!

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