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Awkward ad position next to Ice Bucket Challenge article on local news site [pic]
Posted by on Aug 28th, 2014

Yes i know i keep saying i’m not gonna post any more ALS ice bucket challenge articles, but here’s another one i spotted this morning and it puts the whole doing good for charity but wasting water debate into perspective. Seen on the Times Live website next to an article about the Ice Bucket Challenge is a rather awkward dynamic ad banner for the SA department of water affairs showing a woman carrying a water bucket and the words ‘Water is Life. Respect It. Conserve It. Enjoy It.’

Click that for the larger version. Can’t blame them really since those ads are dynamic and constantly change. Just rather unfortunate.

Still no dice on a Candice Swanepoel ice bucket challenge video, but yesterdays one of the 2 yr girl who swears HERE was the best one yet.

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