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Awesome 360 degree gigapixel panorama from the Red Bull X-Fighters in SA [pic]
Posted by on Aug 25th, 2014 know how much i love these 360 degree ridiculously high resolution gigapixel panoramic images, but this is possibly the best one they have done so far. The Red Bull X-Fighters event took place in Pretoria this weekend and this high resolution image was taken mid contest. Heard it is was amazing so if you were lucky enough to attend then go find and tag yourself…otherwise just get our voyeur on and go scan the crowd close up.

You can go from this view (take note of the red arrow in the back)…

and then zoom into the red arrow there to this

That is some crazy zoom.

Click that to go find yourself or just to see who was there. If you find anything interesting lemme know.

Well done Red Bull and FANCAM.

August 08, 2014 at 8:48 am

This technology is awesome !

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