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The world’s most expensive penthouse apartment set to cost R4.2 billion in Monaco [pics]
Posted by on Aug 22nd, 2014

Forget London’s One Hyde Park which currently holds the record for most expensive apartment in the world at $223 million…the people with real money are gunning for bragging rights to own the Sky Penthouse at Odeon Tower in Monaco which is expected to fetch a staggering $400 million or around R4.2 billion if you wanna pay in ront.

And what will you be getting if you decided to splash out that amount of spare change for your spot on the French Riviera..well for starters this view from your 3300 square meter digs.

Nice..just needs a braai in the corner there.

And what else…does it come with a swimming pool? Yep only an indoor one.

Just kidding that’s just the firepool, there actually is an outdoor pool…connected to your very own dance floor via a waterslide. That’s more like it hey.

Yes it comes with a dancefloor and

“Spread over five floors, the penthouse property will include, among other things, a kitchen on each floor (connected by a lift), five bedrooms, a living-room, dining-room, private home-cinema, sauna and a swimming pool – which is also accessible via a slide”

Yes not too shabby.


“a 24/7 concierge, an entertainment area (with private movie room and lounge ) and a “wellness centre”, including a gym, sauna, private spas and a selection of pools”

And in case you’re not feeling the bling…here’s a virtual video tour of what your pad is gonna be like once you move in.

When i buy it you can totally come and swim in my firepool. Just bring your own booze and no chicken for the braai. Seriously…if you bring chicken to braai i won’t let you in.

[more pics via Yahoo]

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