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The Cuervolución has started…who’s in?
Posted by on Aug 12th, 2014

Right…many of you have been asking what’s the deal with the yellow luchador mask on my Twitter and Facebook profile pics and i’m here to tell you that i’ve joined the Cuervolución (you have to say it like a real Mexican, accent and everything). The world’s best selling tequila, Jose Cuervo, started a movement yesterday and i’m in…as are hundred of  fans who all changed their profile pics yesterday because over the next few weeks there are some awesome things planned and i want you to get involved because we are serious about the good times. Not gonna reveal too much just yet so for now i want you take a pledge…say no to boring, no to mundane drinking experiences, and no to accepting the ordinary.

Here’s how Jose Cuervo introduced the Cuervolución

Look back on your life, at parties, at your best nights out. Things were routine and suddenly something changed. There was always a trigger. A catalyst. The moment when things flipped. Now that moment has a name, it’s the #Cuervolución. And it all starts with your first shot of Jose Cuervo”

So romantic.

And check, here’s a snapshot of some of the folks who made the decision to join and got involved yesterday.

All those folks have added the luchador mask to their pics as a symbol of the movement and in preparation for the good times to come you can as well. I want to tell you more, but you just gonna have to trust me and join the Cuervolución on Facebook HERE.

Who’s in?

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