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Here’s what went down in the Cape Town leg of #PoloTag
Posted by on Aug 7th, 2014

Ok so last week i said i was gonna be involved in the ultimate test drive competition where you fine folks would get the chance to win a new Volkswagen Polo for a year. And Cape Town you did well. On Saturday i drove the new VW Polo around Cape Town and played #PoloTag, a Twitter game of tag with real life implications. Rules were that you had to spot me, tweet and then the car would stop. You then had 2 min to make it to the car and replace me as the driver and see how long you could stay in the car for. Top 10 longest times (incl Durban and Jozi) go into a draw and someone gets to keep the car for a year. I honestly expected that i’d be in the car for a good while, but i underestimated you CT folks and didn’t even make the 10 min mark. Felt like i was in there for couple of seconds actually…was just getting comfy and settled in when someone chased me down.

Remember..this is what you’re playing for.

Sexy hey. They beefed it up and made it a lot sportier.

By the end of Saturday a whole bunch of folks had spotted, tweeted and drove and the leaderboard currently looks like so

Check i didn’t do too badly hey. Not gonna cut it though i reckon. Remember that that you get a 5 min grace period once you get in the car where nobody can replace you. Nikki Carmichael way in the lead there.

Jozi and guys have some work to do. #PoloTag will be taking place in your cities on these days

  • Durban on the 8th and 9th August – check the route and landmarks HERE
  • Johannesburg on the 15th and 16th August – check your route and landmarks HERE

And this what you can expect…a little video of the Cape Town leg.

Good times. Now go check out the rules and whatnot HERE and remember if you’re in Durbs or Jozi then follow #PoloTag and @VolkswagenSA to get udates on where the vehicle will be.

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