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My 10 days with the BlackBerry Z30
Posted by on Jul 31st, 2014

Right so if you’ve been following my updates on Twitter then you will have seen that for the past 10 days or so i’ve been using a BlackBerry Z30. I posted a few thoughts and some pics, but there’s only so much you can say with 140 characters so i’ll put them all together in this here post or ‘review’ if you wanna call it that. I say that because if you’ve been a Life is Savage reader for a while you will no doubt know that my reviews are a tad unconventional and more like me just giving you my 2 cents. I’m kissing nobody’s ass just for the sake of some swag and while it might be a disadvantage, hey at least you know you’re getting more than just a puff piece. And tech reviews especially are tough because everyone and their uncle has a different opinion and they love nothing more than throwing in unsubstantiated chirps from the peanut gallery. I digress though so let’s get back to the BlackBerry Z30. At this point i should tell you that i’ve had a BlackBerry for the past 12 years or so and only recently switched so i was very keen to see if one their flagship devices lived up to my fond memories.

Long story short…i miss having a BlackBerry. It may not be the most popular device out there currently, but don’t knock it before you try it because i can tell you right now there are things the Z30 does better than a lot of it’s competitors. For starters it has a ridiculous battery life. I found myself having to charge it every other day nearly with normal use and a few times i actually got away without charging it for 2 days. And when i did have to charge it (at a bar…obviously) the waiter let me use his Samsung charger because hey it uses a universal charger. And while i’m looking at you iPhone people i may as well mention that unlike your device, the Z30 can take a micro SD card to increase the storage.

Another thing i missed about having a BlackBerry was the email application. Oh how i missed it. My biggest gripe about my current device, which is a Samsung S4 by the way, is the email. Finding old emails, disappearing emails, searching for a particular email is a pain in the ass and on the BlackBerry it was refreshing to seemlessly navigate through my several email accounts.

Let’s chat a bit about appearance and what not. Sorry i know i’m scattered, but i did warn you about my reviewing skills. It’s whatever pops into my mind and right now i wanna tell you that the Z30 looks the business. It’s big, but i’ve gotten used to a 5 inch display and while it may be a tad on the heavier side it made me feel like i was using a high quality device rather than a flimsy toy. It has a Super AMOLED display making everything look brighter and the colours more saturated. It’s a touch screen and i won’t lie it took some time getting used to navigating around the thing because all my previous BlackBerry’s had a physical keypad.

Now i was gonna give you a run down of the major software features, but frankly that’s gonna take forever and we’re already way over my standard post length of about 20 words so i’m gonna throw out the feature which stood out and that’s the Hub. Basically a universal inbox where all your all your messages, emails, texts, calls, Twitter, Facebook notifications are intergrated in one place. And you can prioritise them so the ones you set as most important go to the top or if you don’t want to see messages from a particular account then you can just remove it. And the hub is just a peek away. Doesn’t matter what you’re currently doing on the device, you never have to stop looking and go to the main screen ..with a single swipe you can have a peek at a message or a new notification. Let go and you go straight back into whatever it was you were doing.

If you’re really interested in all the specs, features and options etc. then have a look HERE.

Few things i didn’t dig: the camera options were sucky. Took rad pics, but options before you take a pic are min. I also actually missed the physical keypad, but maybe that has to do with me being used to the way the touchscreen works on my current device. I’m a slow learner when it comes to tech sh*t and also stubborn so not an ideal combination when trying to adapt to a new device within 10 days hey. While the hub may be an amazing feature it did annoy me that i couldn’t seperate my emails by icons on the screen where all the apps are kept. Lots also been said about the lack of apps in the BlackBerry World app store, but i’m not an app person so it didn’t bother me.

At the end of the day though i can tell you that’s it’s a rad phone. Best BlackBerry i’ve ever had and i’ve had pretty much all of them. I’d probably have to spend more time with it to fully see how comfortable i am with it, but as i’ve mentioned before…it comes down to personal preference. Devices are so similar these days that often all the matters is how a phone feels when you use it. If you’re happy then stick with it, if not then try something else. You will never really know until you’ve tried all of them and nobody has done that.

July 07, 2014 at 5:38 pm

I would be keen to see the `25 hours battery life’ work …

My current smart-phone doesn’t last more than 8 hours at a time … probably as a result of me listening to music most of the time …

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