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We’re halfway through the year so here’s a compilation of the best FAILS of 2014 so far [video]
Posted by on Jul 22nd, 2014

We’re half way through 2014 and of course it’s customary to have a look back at the top fails that have taken place during the first part of the year. The good folks at Fail Army have put together a compilation of the best fails of 2014 thus far, so grab a cup of coffee and watch a full 16 minutes of humans getting owned by karma. Most of it is human stupidity, but there are also a few unfortunate moments…either way you will feel better about your life and be thankful that your dumb ass didn’t make it into this video.

Ha..that will learn that hipster to skateboard while carrying coffee.

Rather tame compared to the other fail compilation videos i normally post, but hey…bring on the second of the year.

Good times.

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