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Daily Mail caption FAIL calls Rory McIlroy a ‘champion p*es’ [screenshot]
Posted by on Jul 21st, 2014

Haaha…news caption fail (or win depending on how you look at it) today belongs to the Mail Online for calling British Open winner Rory McIlroy a ‘champion p*es’. Either someone at the Daily Mail is a South African or is an ex-pat that really doesn’t like McIlroy very much.

Excellent caption trolling skills though.

Click that for the larger screenshot, but here’s a close-up if you can’t see that.

champion poes

Slowclap for journalistic excellence.

Good times.

[thanks @BrookeBack13 ]

July 07, 2014 at 8:42 am

haha – poses :-) #MegaFail

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