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Here’s yet another ANN7 headline fail reporting on the Malaysia Airlines crash [pic]
Posted by on Jul 17th, 2014

ANN7, the Africa News Network, is still operating and while they had numerous teething problems they seem to have stopped making the news for the wrong reasons. The last time they made a blooper was at the end of 2013 when they were covering Madiba’s funeral and refered to him as Jacob Mandela HERE, but they have resurfaced with this headline earlier this evening while covering the Malaysia Airlines crash.

The plane crashed on the Russian border and Ukraine’s interior ministry says the plane was shot down by a missile.

ANN7 broke the news with this headline.

Very sad. Not the headline…the actual crash. So don’t laugh just shake your head at ANN7 reporting.

[via @5hikar_Ramchand ]

July 07, 2014 at 8:41 pm


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