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Jean Pant Criminal spotted at CT gym training in highest jean turn-ups ever [pic]
Posted by on Jul 15th, 2014

As expected the number of jean pant criminal spottings have dropped significantly during winter which i like to think is due to less Joburg people and tourists in Cape Town, but we can’t truly be sure since the f**kery of going to gym and training in jeans is still a mystery. Never-the-less it does occur in the winter months as proved by this recent sighting at a Cape Town gym. Our chap was spotted doing bicep curls in your standard skinny jeans, but let’s focus on his turn-ups hey. You get turn-ups and then you get these…

wearing jeans to gym

The highest turn-ups in the history of turn-ups…dude could almost make another pair of jeans with those.

You laugh, but watch all the hipsters start copying that guy.

If you spot any jean pant criminals training in jeans then send pics.

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