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  • Weather forecast predicting 11 cm of snow for Table Mountain on Friday night [pic]
    Posted by on Jul 1st, 2014

    It’s going to be cold in Cape Town this weekend…like javelin-nipples cold. So cold that a mountain weather forecast website has predicted 11 cm of snow on Table Mountain for Friday night. If you’ve ever been to a country that gets snow then you will know that 11 cm is not just a light dusting of snow. 11 cm is proper snow. Apparently the most it’s ever been is 6cm.

    And check the chill factor on Friday evening…MINUS 8 degrees Celcius on Table Mountain.

    Frosty that.

    The forecast comes via Snow Report SA who got the -8 degrees prediction from mountain-forecast.com. Not so sure about the accuracy of that site, but it looks legit. You never know with these global weather websites.


    The forecast has been updated and currently shows a prediction of 6cm of snow on Table Mountain for Friday night. That’s still a lot of snow. Lows of zero degrees.

    Stay warm.

    [thanks Sharky]

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